Derrek Bertrand

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Derrek Bertrand

Engineering Manager / Software Engineer

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I am an engineering manager who specializes in continuous improvement and outcome driven teams. Teams are at their best when they are constantly striving towards greater outcomes.

I am a software engineer who specializes in legacy displacement, high impact migrations, and always-on systems. I am at my best when there is no good time for downtime and 3AM failures are a non-option.

Professional Experience

Lead Engineer

NetYield | 2021 - 2023

Worked on accounting and inventory management software with hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions and EDI connections to major retailers. Managed team of 6 and external contractors.

  • Planned and coordinated transition to AWS using Terraform and CircleCI
  • Wrote documentation and new procedures for multiple departments
  • Introduced new development best practices, eliminating our hard error backlog and increasing deployment frequency to at least once per day (from less than 1/week)
  • Tech: Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Redis, Docker, Terraform

Senior Software Engineer | 2021

Worked on a set of applications that review documents and perform video calls to verify end user identities. Responsible for complete rebuild of internal support application.

  • Introduced new processes to a company unfamiliar with remote work
  • Designed and developed member support application used by over 1,000 CSRs/CSMs
  • Maintained user-facing application that serves over 55 million end users on behalf of 27 state and federal agencies and 400 commercial organizations
  • Tech: Ruby on Rails, Postgres

Back-end Lead

Blackbird Logistics | 2020 - 2021

Responsible for marketing, user engagement, and logistics verticals, cross training, and architecture. Also worked on e-commerce applications.

  • Ran an engineering book club to provide continued education to the team
  • Wrote compatibility and SRE tools for PHP and Sidekiq queues that could run millions of jobs per hour across several services
  • Expanded microservices that send/receive over 500,000 / hour in SMS and MMS
  • Led and mentored team of around 12
  • Tech: PHP, Ruby on Rails, Go, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, Elasticsearch, S3, TypeScript, Angular, NodeJs, Docker

Senior Software Engineer

2019 - 2020

Worked on marketing, logistics, POS, and e-commerce APIs.

  • Cross-trained team members on legacy PHP architecture while working in Ruby on Rails
  • Streamlined docker builds and test suites, cutting CI/CD to 20 minutes (previously over an hour)
  • Ran Dungeons & Dragons to improve team communication
  • Responsible for logistics and supply chain APIs that handled over $360M / year in assets
  • Tech: PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, S3, NodeJs, Docker

Senior Software Engineer

SettlementOne | 2018 - 2019

Responsible for communication service and shared architecture. Worked on a massive legacy PHP application.

  • Wrote private packages and compatibility layers allowing legacy to use Laravel’s ORM and queue
  • Added multiple layers of redundancy and fail-over for microservice with a 99.99%+ SLA
  • Tech: PHP, MySQL, Redis, S3

Tech Lead

DI/DLSI | 2016 - 2018

Worked on several 1st and 2nd party applications and dozens of integrations. Responsible for managing a team of 5, refinement, and managing competing interests.

  • Requirement gathering and team management for several web applications
  • Developed internal PHP and JS libraries conforming to RFC and other formal specifications
  • Integrated dozens of applications and services using HTTP and raw TCP APIs
  • Tech: PHP, JavaScript, Vue.js, SIP, MySQL, NodeJs

Software Engineer (Contract)

2013 - 2016

Worked as a subcontractor on a myriad of applications. Responsible for managing a team of 5, refinement, estimates, and timelines.

  • Performed consultation, sales, dev-ops, and development
  • Tech: PHP, JavaScript, Vue.js, MySQL, C#, VisualBasic, Python

Software Developer

SRP | 2010 - 2013

Wrote everything from e-commerce sites to billing, project management, and software integrations. Responsible for own requirements, estimates, and timelines.

  • Re-wrote in house billing, project management, and custom CMS
  • Tech: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL